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  • The One You Can Trust

    The One You Can Trust (2022)

    drama, misterija, ljubavni

    Soo Jae gets attacked at her place and calls Chan for help. Later on, while Soo Jae tries to deal with the incident alone, she gets annoyed by Chan's constant care for her, but at the same time, she...
  • The Truth of Kang Yoon Kyum

    The Truth of Kang Yoon Kyum (2022)

    drama, ljubavni

    Sun Bin is on a clear path to gaining So Ra's total trust. With the trust she gains, she must investigate the ledgers of LY Group that might be in Yoon Kyum's study. Eun Pyeong finds shocking...
  • Crossing the Line

    Crossing the Line (2021)

    drama, istorijski, ljubavni

    Hee Tae suggests to Myeong Hee that they keep seeing each other just for the month of May, but Myeong Hee hesitates to answer him. Meanwhile, Soo Ryeon gets a mysterious phone call.
  • Episode #1.11

    Episode #1.11 (2022)

    komedija, ljubavni

    Ye Sul is shocked by another future and tries to change it for the first time.
  • Episode #1.5

    Episode #1.5 (2022)

    komedija, ljubavni

    Min Hoo comes to believe in Ye Sul's ability. He tells her that they can sleep together under one condition.
  • His Reason To Go On

    His Reason To Go On (2022)

    drama, misterija, ljubavni

    Yoon Sang organizes a meeting in the hopes of letting Chan know the unrevealed details of his case. However, the meeting doesn't pan out as he anticipated. Chan demands an explanation from Yoon Sang...
  • La El Gets Close to Yoon Kyum

    La El Gets Close to Yoon Kyum (2022)

    drama, ljubavni

    Now that La El knows about her mother Jin Sook's death, she seeks revenge by getting close to Yoon Kyum. La El sees his scars. She knows it isn't right, but she can't resist and slowly falls for Yoon...
  • Summer Tides

    Summer Tides (2022)

    drama, ljubavni

  • The Park Ji Young Case

    The Park Ji Young Case (2022)

    drama, misterija, ljubavni

    Director Baek tells Soo Jae to take on Park Ji Young's case as the Legal Center's first official case. Since Soo Jae and her students have already been working on this, they continue to search for...
  • A Drop Of Doubt

    A Drop Of Doubt (2022)

    drama, ljubavni

    So Ra gives Yoon Kyum clues about La El's identity. La El and Yoon Kyum's relationship becomes compromised with So Ra's drop of doubt. Realizing there isn't much time left, La El thinks only of her...
  • Episode #1.8

    Episode #1.8 (2022)

    komedija, ljubavni

    Pil Yo confesses that he knew of Ye Sul's ability. Production starts and the situation gets complicated.
  • Her and His Past

    Her and His Past (2022)

    drama, misterija, ljubavni

    A serious incident breaks out at Yeongpyeong District Construction Site, and everyone involved in Hansu Bio's sell-off is summoned at once. While dealing with the collapse, a human skeleton is...
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