Maine Pyar Kiya


drama, porodični, ljubavni, mjuzikl (1989)

Maine Pyar Kiya

Ocena korisnika
Maine Pyar Kiya


Maine Pyar Kiya




drama, porodični, ljubavni, mjuzikl


192 min


Sooraj R. Barjatya


S.M. Ahale
, Sooraj R. Barjatya

Glavne uloge:

Salman Khan
  >  Prem Choudhary
  >  Suman
Deep Dhillon
  >  Laal Miyan
Reema Lagoo
  >  Kaushalya Choudhary (as Rima Lagoo)
Alok Nath
  >  Karan (as Aloknath)
Harish Patel
  >  Rahim chacha
Rakesh Shrivastav
  >  (as Rakesh Srivastava)
Ajit Vachani
  >  Ranjeet (as Ajit Vachhani)
Rajeev Verma
  >  Kishen Kumar Choudhary (as Rajiv Verma)
Huma Khan
  >  Gulabiya (Milk delivery maid)
Shreechand Makhija
  >  (as S.C. Makhija)
Dilip Joshi
  >  Ramu
Pervin Dastur
  >  Seema
  >  'Handsome' Pigeon


Kishen Kumar Chaudhary and Karan are family like friends, when Kishen's wife Mrs. Kaushalya gives birth to a baby boy Prem, Karan helps the couple bring up there child with out- most care. Years later the two friends have parted ways, Karan likes in a shanty house, works as a mechanic and is the father to a young girl Suman while Kishen is a wealthy industrialist and lives in a spacious bungalow. In order to accumulate huge sums of fund abroad for good living Karan decides to leave Suman in the care of the Chaudhary's family. All is well there for Suman as she is befriend by Prem which eventually blossom to love, Kaushalya finds out about Prem and Suman's relationship and approve of Suman as her daughter-in-law but Kishen is quite unhappy with the relationship as he have plans to get Prem marry to his business partner's daughter Seema thus he insults Suman and throw her out of his house. Karan returns and is enraged at the treatment his daughter receive and leaves the house ...
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  • bojan969
    03.07.2015. 21:03
    Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

    Žanr: Porodični, Mjuzikl, Romansa
    Trajanje: 192 min
    Država: Indija
    Jezik: Hindi

    Režija: Sooraj R. Barjatya
    Scenario: S.M. Ahale, Sooraj R. Barjatya


    Salman Khan ... Prem Choudhary
    Bhagyashree ... Suman
    Alok Nath ... Karan (as Aloknath)
    Rajeev Verma ... Kishen Kumar Choudhary (as Rajiv Verma)
    Reema Lagoo ... Kaushalya Choudhary (as Rima Lagoo)


    Priča o prijateljima iz različitih društvenih slojeva, bogatom Premu 
    i ženi iz radničke klase, Suman, koji se postepeno zaljubljuju u jedno drugo...

    bojan9692015-07-03 21:05:55