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drama, kriminalistički (2015)

Cha và con và...

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Cha và con và...


Cha và con và...




drama, kriminalistički


102 min


Dang Di Phan


Dang Di Phan

Glavne uloge:

Thi Hai Yen Do
  >  Van
Ha Phong Nguyen
  >  Ong Sau (Mr Sau)
Thi Kieu Trinh Nguyen
  >  Ba Phung (Ms Phung)
Jayvee Mai The Hiep
  >  Doctor
The Vinh Truong
  >  Thang
Quoc Viet Mai
  >  Tung (Singer)
Thanh Tu Nguyen
  >  Mai
Cong Hoang Le
  >  Vu
Van Hoang Truong
  >  Cuong (Worker)
Thi Thanh Truc Nguyen
  >  Huong
Tam Chau The
  >  Binh Boong
Thi Linh Dang Pham
  >  Bo Cuong (Cuong's Girlfriend)
Thi Anh Hong Do
  >  Xuan (Vu's Sister)
Thi Bich Hong Pham
  >  Hong (Vu's Sister)


It is the late nineties, Vietnam is in economic turmoil and overpopulation has sparked political concern. Vu, a photography student, arrives in the sprawling metropolis of Saigon and moves into a slum neighborhood where he meets a mix of eccentric characters including Thang, a charismatic young man, who convinces Vu to get a vasectomy in order receive money from the government.
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