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drama (2006)

Aviva Ahuvati

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Aviva Ahuvati


Aviva Ahuvati






107 min


Shemi Zarhin


Shemi Zarhin

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Aviva, a hard-working hotel cook in the northern Israeli town of Tiberias, is on the brink of finally fulfilling her lifelong dream. For years she kept her remarkable writing abilities under wraps, until her sister, Anita, introduces her to Oded, an accomplished novelist. Immediately recognizing Aviva's talent, Oded takes her under his wing, promising to help her achieve greatness. But the journey to greatness effects her life and the lives of her family - her unemployed husband, her trouble children, her unstable mother, and primarily her sister, a funny and sensitive woman who have her own dreams. When Aviva discovers that Oded has other plans for her work, her world collapses.
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