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drama, kriminalistički, triler (2017)


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drama, kriminalistički, triler


Henrik Jansson-Schweizer
, Morgan Jensen

Glavne uloge:

Ola Rapace
  >  Roland Hassel
Shanti Roney
  >  Thomas Meyer
Thomas Hedengran
  >  Joakim Gross
Hans Erik Dyvik Husby
  >  Jack Kowalski
Stina Ekblad
  >  Marianne Ruda
Johan Hedenberg
  >  Dimman
Jens Hultén
  >  Leon Forsberg
Aliette Opheim
  >  Daniela Bergman
Nanna Blondell
  >  Eira Lindhe
Ana Gil Melo Nascimento
  >  Fatima Nidal
Aliette Opheim
  >  Daniela Bergman (3 episodes, 2017)
Ana Gil Melo Nascimento
  >  Fatima Nidal (3 episodes, 2017)
Nanna Blondell
  >  Eira Lindhe (3 episodes, 2017)
Truus de Boer
  >  Bartender
Jens Hultén
  >  Leon Forsberg (3 episodes, 2017)


Detective Roland Hassel's father figure and mentor, Yngve Ruda, is brutally murdered in the middle of the street. Devastated, Hassel decides to undertake his own covert investigation to find Ruda's killer and avenge him with the support of 'Triton', a special task force consisting of Hassel's most devoted co-workers. But Hassel's obsession with the case affects his family as well. As Hassel, his girlfriend Daniela and his 14-year-old stepdaughter Vida struggle to stay together as a real family they find themselves in a downward spiral taking them further and further into an abyss. Meanwhile, the evidence on Ruda's killer leads away from the street and up the corridors of power in Stockholm and Brussels. But Hassel's battle against crime and corruption knows no boundaries and he will stop at nothing.
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