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drama, triler, horor (2017)

Among Us

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Among Us


Among Us




drama, triler, horor


91 min


Gary King


Michael R. King
, Gary King

Glavne uloge:

Marty Lang
  >  Mr. Cooper
Bill Elverman
  >  Officer Blodgett
Mark DiConzo
  >  Frank
Mariel Matero
  >  Mrs. Cooper
Katie Morrison
  >  Mallory
Elena Sanz
  >  Eleanor


Whatever killed their son continues to haunt Mallory and Frank no matter which place they go. While hiding out at a remote lake house, Mallory struggles to keep her sanity and save her marriage as the supernatural activity grows more powerful. Finally reaching their breaking point, they elicit the help of Eleanor, a local clairvoyant, to end the terror once and for all. But will it be too late?
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