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  • Wo ist mein Schatz?

    Wo ist mein Schatz? (1916)


    Husband is hounded by his nagging mother-in-law who lives with him and his wife. After coming home drunk one night he is kicked out by the mother-in-law. He disguises himself as a servant and gets a...
  • A Burlesque on Carmen

    A Burlesque on Carmen (1915)

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    This is the original two-reel parody of Bizet's Carmen by Chaplin. Darn Hosiery, a Spanish officer, is seduced by the gypsy girl Carmen, leading to disgrace and downfall.
  • A Jitney Elopement

    A Jitney Elopement (1915)

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    Edna's father wants her to marry wealthy Count He-Ha. Charlie, Edna's true love, impersonates the Count at dinner, but the real Count shows up and Charlie is thrown out. Later on Charlie and Edna are...
  • A Night in the Show

    A Night in the Show (1915)

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    Mr. Pest tries several theatre seats before winding up in front in a fight with the conductor. He is thrown out. In the lobby he pushes a fat lady into a fountain and returns to sit down by Edna. Mr...
  • A Night Out

    A Night Out (1915)

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    Charlie and Ben pay a visit to a pub, then decide to visit a swanky restaurant. Now intoxicated, they come into conflict with a French dandy and his ladyfriend. The large head waiter violently ejects...
  • A One Night Stand

    A One Night Stand (1915)

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    Two clownish stagehands make life difficult for the manager and cast of a dramatic production.
  • A Woman

    A Woman (1915)

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    Mother, Father and Daughter go to the park. The women dose off on a bench while the father plays a hide-and-seek game with a girl, blindfolded. Charlie leads him into a lake. Both dozing ladies on...
  • By the Sea

    By the Sea (1915)

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    It is windy at a bathing resort. After fighting with one of the two husbands, Charlie approaches Edna while the two husbands themselves fight over ice cream. Driven away by her husband, Charlie turns...